Making the Right Kind of Friends

Sometimes the sweetest kids have the most difficulty making friends.  It’s hard to watch when their sweetness isn’t reciprocated by their peers.  It’s even harder when they get pushed around by mean peers who claim to be their friends.

I created the “True Friends vs. False Friends” packet especially for those sweet-at-heart kids who struggle to understand and identify true friends.  This packet explains the different types of friends they can have (true closest, true close, true far, or false) and has several practice activities to cement those concepts.  There are also activities to help children identify who in their life is a true friend, how much they can trust real people in their lives, and what they can talk about with each true friend.

In summary, this packet includes

  1. a detailed description of the four different types of friends
  2. discussion questions (basic and advanced)
  3. a checklist for identifying things true vs. false friends do
  4. 10 profiles of friends the students analyze to determine the type of friend (answer key at end)
  5. circle of closeness chart for categorizing real people in student’s life
  6. note page for students to analyze the types of friends in the their lives

“True Friends vs. False Friends” is currently available here on

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